Samsung Galaxy Watch adds Some new Features and software in Samsung One UI 5

There are three new sleep-related features in the latest software for Galaxy Watch devices. The user’s sleep score from the previous night’s sleep, along with related metrics like sleep stage, snoring hours, and blood oxygen levels, are first displayed in the Sleep Insights UI.

Secondly, the sleep coaching feature helps users track their sleep habits. It uses week-long sleep data and a survey to generate insights about eight different types of sleep.

Finally, the software switches to an infrared sensor instead of a green LED light to help reduce distraction caused by light during sleep. This feature complements SmartThings and Sleep Mode on the Galaxy Watch, which wakes up immediately when it detects that the user has fallen asleep. The former allows users to power off their connected devices, and the latter mutes notifications and hides the user’s mobile phone and screen.

Samsung has added the customizable heart rate zones feature to the Galaxy Watch in addition to the sleep-related upgrades. This feature analyzes the user’s physical capabilities and establishes the optimal workout intensity level. Additionally, Samsung has updated its SOS and fall detection features.

According to a press release, the One UI 5 watch in the upcoming Galaxy Watch series is set for its initial launch later this year.

Samsung to add sleep and health tracking feature to its upcoming smartwatch

Samsung Watch health tracking feature

For its next Galaxy Watch series, Samsung is concentrating on sleep, fitness, and health features. The company has given a glimpse of some of the updates coming with the new One UI 5 watch software, which will debut on the watches arriving later this year.

These additions include Samsung’s sleep coach and a greater emphasis on individual heart rate zones. While the One UI 5 watch update will be available on Samsung’s new watches first, Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 owners in the US and Korea can sign up for the update’s beta program this month.

The emphasis on sleep, health, and wellness is in line with a trend that has been present in the wearables industry for many years and is set to become increasingly prominent in 2022 and 2023. In 2022, the latest smartwatches from Apple and Samsung both gained temperature sensors, and smart ring maker Aura recently announced a suite of new sleep-related features. Last year, Google’s Fitbit added the ability to continuously monitor for potential signs of stress on its Sense 2 smartwatch as well.

On the Sleep Insights screen of the watch, Samsung’s new software will more prominently display sleep scores and offer wrist-based sleep coaching. Sleep Coaching measures the sleep propensity of the wearer and assigns an animal mascot based on the resulting pattern. Until the update arrives, this feature can only be accessed through the user’s phone.

Hon Pak, head of the digital health team for Samsung’s mobile experience business, said the change is part of Samsung’s goal of making sleep data more readily available.

Create a rapid launch gesture using one UI Watch features

quick launch  features on one UI Watch Samsung

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 are among the smartest smartwatches available today, thanks partly to the Bioactive sensor, a cutting-edge device that reads fitness and vital data with greater accuracy than ever before. Additionally, Samsung’s wearables feature simple sensors typically found on mobile devices such as smartphones. One such sensor is the built-in gyroscope, which opens up exciting possibilities and uses for smartwatches. By detecting the movement of the watch via inertia, Galaxy Watch series users can use this sensor to set up quick launch gestures. The following information will help you use this function. also, Read… Abrir WhatsApp Web

In this Samsung Galaxy Watch, You can set up a Quick Launch gesture

Samsung One UI 5

To prevent unintended activation of the Quick Launch wrist gesture, Samsung included a failsafe feature for Galaxy Watch users. The Quick Launch wrist gesture can only be triggered when two conditions are met: First, the watch’s display must be on, which means the gesture won’t work if you touch it when the watch’s screen is off or in AOD mode. But by mistake, you move your wrist. Secondly, the quick launch gesture must be executed within 5 seconds of waking up the watch display. After that time, the watch will disregard the Quick Launch gesture, greatly reducing the chance of accidental activation.

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